Oh how long it has been

When I decided a blog was what needed to be started.

I didn’t know all that would happen, so much so I forgot 100% about this blog.

Now sitting here I think about everything.  It would have been great to share our story as we went through so many struggles I had no idea was coming.

But isn’t that life?  Are we not always bind to what is coming?  It is how you handle your situation, or how you handle the aftermath of your first reaction to the situation.

What have you gone through?  How has it impacted the person you are?

Our Backstory- part one

My friend Rachel wanted me to meet this new guy, she was excited and he had told her that night he was having friends over and she should come. We went to a movie and I stalled like crazy… I didn’t want to go. But in the end she won. We get there and there are 4 guys playing rock band and drinking beer (with being so late they were pretty much drunk). Something was said about me being a girl that couldn’t get dirty and have fun. I the “I’ll prove you wrong” type so I grabbed a handful of mud and through it. The house was in the middle of a field and earlier one of the guys got his truck stuck so the mud was intense. This turned into an all out mud fight between me and 2 other the guys. It was a blast! And we were covered.

At this time in my life I didn’t want to date. Both of these guys tried “talking” to me but I just kept it at a friend statue. Then one started getting creative. We would meet after I got off work and play pool and I would make sure he knew what a great “friend” he was. But as he chased me I start to fall a little.

And then it happened, thanksgiving night he met my parents and then later that evening he held my hand! The confusing thing was that something seemed to be bothering him and he kept getting up and sweating. That night I went home trying to read what had just happened. I was very confused. And to add to it I didn’t hear from him for 4 days! That’s a lot when you talk non stop. On day 5 Rachel called. He was in the hospital add has Chrones and they think the will have to take his intestines out.

First off I was relieved there really was a good reason he wasn’t talking to me.

Second I started researching. I read all the worse case scenarios I could. And then I prayed. Was this the guy for me? He could die or have complications later in life. What if he needed a bag to pee in? Do I like him this much?

It came down to having to decide if I would go to the hospital or not. This was it. Do I go and say “I’m here” or don’t go and move on. We weren’t really together, but my decision that day would set the course.

He told his friends not to tell me cause he didn’t want me knowing or worrying for the same fact. We weren’t together. And he didn’t want me to see him that way.

Well after a day of worry about him I decide I was in. All in. I wanted to be with Cody Lyn Scholz no matter where that took us.

I must say if you want to meet the family all at once then this is the best situation for you! Lol. I met EVERYONE!

More to come!!!

It’s time to start over

Well it’s time… 

It’s time to start blogging again.  To tell our story and for you to follow us through this journey called life, as we share our story.


we will have ups and downs.  Joys and heartaches.  My goal is to be real, to be raw, and to share my very selfish ugly heart at times. 

In a world of social media and where everything looks perfect.  I will be open and truthful.